Terms and Agreements

The agreement between the client and the exchange is concluded for an indefinite period. The contract enters into force after reading all the terms and the agreement with them and paying in advance. The company undertakes, at that time, to:

  • Provide real-time access to personal office, assets and trade instruments;
  • Guarantee transactions;
  • Provide accurate and up-to-date information for transactions;
  • Ensure that CFD transactions are carried out with a credit lever to open positions greater than the customer’s collateral. It should be noted that the use of leverage is not only associated with significant gains but also with the risk of increased trade;
  • Provide real assets for trade between traders;
  • Guarantee the purchase, sale and setting of prices.

The customer must understand that any asset transactions are accompanied by certain risks.


  1. The company has the right to change the rules of service provision without informing the user. Continued use of services means acceptance of the updated rules.
  2. The Exchange shall not be liable for any loss suffered by the customer during a bad transaction, a bad decision, a loss of funds.
  3. All of the website’s publications are informative and do not constitute consultations, advice or encouragement for the implementation of trade-related assets.
  4. All information on the site is from reliable sources. Zinnera is not responsible for its relevance, accuracy (market quotations).
  5. The Exchange is not responsible for the risks associated with Internet failures (delays during trading, distortions). In case of force majeure, the company uses backup systems.
  6. No site is immune from virus attacks or malfunctions. The company is not liable for damages caused to traders by spyware, viruses, worms, malware. The client is advised to systematically check his software and detect viruses in time.

Rights and obligations of the parties.

  1. Company rights and obligations.
    1. During the period of validity of the Agreement between the Company and the Client, the Company has the right to process the personal information of the Client in accordance with the legislation in force.
    2. The Company has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract with the Client and delete his account. In doing so, the Administration must notify the Client in writing by sending the message to his e-mail address.
    3. In case of breach of the terms of this agreement by the Client, the Company has the right to suspend or terminate the granting of access to the Site or some of its facilities.
    4. The company has the right to modify, add, expand and limit certain functions of the site.
    5. The company has the right to change the parameters of technical or software tools, as well as to temporarily suspend the operation of the site for carrying out prophylactic works.
    6. The company has the right to send information messages to customers via e-mail or private office, which are related to the work of the company and the site, as well as of an advertising or warning nature.
    7. The company has the right to delete or modify messages published by the client without the client’s knowledge or explanation.
    8. The Company is obliged to provide the Client with the services specified in the User Agreement.
    9. The company is obliged to take all measures to protect the client’s personal information in accordance with the legislation in force.
    10. In case of any questions, the Company has the right to request from the Client the information necessary to solve these questions.
    11. The Company is obliged to provide personal information to the Customer at the request of the relevant law enforcement authorities.
  2. Client’s rights and obligations.
    1. The client shall comply with the rules set out in the User Agreement.
    2. After registering his private office, the Client shall have the right to publish on the website information, except that which is prohibited for publication.
    3. In case of disagreement with the rules set out in the User Agreement, the Client shall refuse to use the Site.
    4. The client is obliged to provide complete and reliable information about himself and, in case of change, to update this information.
    5. The client shall not interfere with the uninterrupted operation of the site.
    6. The client shall not use the site for unlawful purposes.
    7. The Client has the right to use the site and its facilities 24 hours a day, within the limits of its possibilities and in agreement with the rules laid down in the User Agreement.
    8. The Client has the right to require the Company to conceal any personal information about himself.
    9. The Client shall have the right to use and publish the information contained in the Company’s website with a mandatory source.
    10. The Client has the right to use the information published on the Company’s website for personal, non-profitable purposes.
    11. The Client may not use special programs to collect information from the Company Site.
    12. The client has the right of access to all legal documents related to the activities of the company.
    13. The Client is obliged to settle disputes with third parties related to the use of the Company Site by his own efforts and without the participation of the Company.
  3. Settlement of disputes.
    1. By accepting the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, the Client confirms that he has read the text of the present version of the Agreement, understands its meaning and all the consequences that arise from its conclusion.
    2. The Company’s client uses its services and website at his own risk.
    3. The Company’s site is represented as «as it is», so it can contain errors, both typographical and technical. The company gives no warranties on the use of the site.
    4. The Administration of the Company does not guarantee that the site will meet all requirements of the Client, fully fit him and meet all his requirements.
    5. The Administration shall not be liable to the Client or to third parties for any unintended, indirect or direct damage, loss of data, loss of profit or damage to the Customer’s business reputation, honour or dignity, which has led to the use of the Company Site or the information published on it.
    6. The Administration of the Company shall not be responsible for any failures in the operation of the Site which are related to technical problems of the Network.
    7. The administration of the Site is not responsible for the information published on external resources, which links are published on the Company’s Website.
    8. If the Client will prosecute the Company for violation of the interests of other users or third parties, as well as the current legislation, the Client is obliged to fully compensate all related losses of the Company.
    9. The Company does not guarantee the Client that its site will be compatible with its software.
    10. The Client and the Company will not be liable for failure to perform or improper performance of their obligations due to force majeure such as earthquake, flood, fire, explosion, military action or other circumstances. These circumstances must be documented.

The client has the right at any time to terminate the contract with the company by submitting a written request. In turn, the exchange has the right to store the customer’s data for the purpose of verification of identity. The site may impose restrictions on the placement of warrants or access to a trading site. Such actions may result in the trader’s breach of the terms of the agreement, suspicious activity in the client’s private office.