User Agreement

The management of the company realizes that successful traders spend most of their time on trade, and the safety of their funds is taken care of by the appropriate service. We fulfil our obligations to our clients in full, but also users are required to observe the rules of the website.

Obligations of the user:

  1. Any activity aimed at violating the legislation in force, the norms of international law (including copyright and nearby rights), the work of the site and its services is prohibited;
  2. It is not possible to use the materials of the exchange without special licenses, permits of resource owners.
  3. When using text portions or site citations, reference to the source is required.
  4. Comments must not violate the law of the country, be contrary to morals and conduct, or be insulting.
  5. Persons under the age of 18 may not be registered or traded. The client must be a legal and capable natural or legal person.
    1. Upon registration it is necessary to pass a verification procedure by loading a package of documents listed in the contract.
    2. When withdrawing funds in an amount exceeding 500 US dollars, the payment instrument to which the withdrawal is made must undergo a verification procedure to ensure security and compliance with financial standards.
  6. Trader is the sole holder of a trading account and undertakes to respect confidentiality for security reasons. It is prohibited to grant access to third parties.
  7. The customer’s name on the website must be the same as the name of the other financial institution to which the funds are transferred.
  8. Pay on time.
  9. Inform the Site Administration of any unauthorized access to the client’s private office or personal information.
  10. Do not transmit the password or access code to the user’s private office to third parties if this would lead to a violation of the Treaty, legislation or other documents signed by the Administration and the Client.
  11. Backup important user information.
  12. Do not post on the company’s website links, images or objects that violate the laws, rights or interests of other people.
  13. In case of doubt as to the legality of any action, the Administration of the site advises to refrain from carrying out the latter actions.
  14. When using the Services of the Company Client is absolutely prohibited:
    1. Misinformation about yourself.
    2. Mislead other customers or the Company Administration and provide unverified information.
    3. Publish and otherwise disseminate information that:
      1. It contains scenes of violence and animal abuse.
      2. Contains insults, threats and other information that offends the dignity, honour and reputation of other clients of the Company or third parties.
      3. It is indecent, vulgar or includes obscene vocabulary, erotic or pornographic material.
      4. It contains a description of the methods or means of suicide and incites to commit it.
      5. Incites religious, racial or ethnic hatred.
      6. Contains extremist material.
      7. It contains advertisements for narcotic substances or describes the advantages of their use or distribution.
      8. Contains records of criminal activity, promotes it or encourages the commission of crimes.
      9. It is a fraud.
      10. Violates other interests or human rights.
    4. Download and publish materials that are the intellectual property of the Company or third parties.
    5. Send to other Clients without the Company’s consent.
    6. Spreading malware or computer viruses.
    7. It is illegal to collect and process the personal data of other Company clients.
    8. Carry out actions or use programs that disrupt the normal operation of the Company’s website or other clients.
    9. Commit fraudulent acts against the Company or other customers, including attempts to gain access to their personal information.
    10. Create fake accounts or register on behalf of other people.
    11. Post advertising or political slogans.
    12. To attempt to obtain the services of the Company in a manner other than that stated in the Treaty.
    13. Copy, quote or sell information that is owned by the company.
    14. Resell the Company’s services.
    15. Posting information that does not meet the aims and objectives of the company is undesirable or dangerous for the Company and other clients.
    16. Post information that violates the rights of minors and may cause them harm in any form.
    17. Place information obtained under a non-disclosure agreement or which is a State secret.
  15. The Client of the Company is responsible for all information which he will upload to the site, inform other customers or third parties.
  16. The Client of the Company will carry out all personal interactions with other Clients of the Company at his own risk. The Company is not responsible for that.
  17. Unregistered users may use the site for informational purposes only.
  18. Registered users agree to all paragraphs of this Agreement.
  19. By registering on the Company’s website, the customer agrees that his personal data will be processed in accordance with the legislation in force.
  20. For access to the site, the Client chooses a login and password, which is not authorized to transfer to third parties.
    1. Any actions performed on behalf of the client using the login and password shall be deemed to have been performed by the User until proven otherwise.
    2. The Administration is not responsible for the security of access to these data.
    3. If the login and password for access to the client’s private office has become accessible to third parties as a result of fraud, the Client is obliged to notify the Administration of the Company without delay.
  21. In case the Client of the Company does not agree with the User Agreement or its individual items, he must refuse the Company’s services.

In accepting the terms, the client confirms that he has carefully read and agreed to all the rules and conditions, legal information published on Zinnera's website. The list of conditions is published in sections: Agreement, Confidentiality Policy, Withdrawal Rules, Order Execution Policy, Chat Rules, Money Laundering Policy. The agreement enters into force upon deposit of the account. Upon conclusion of the contract, a legal agreement is concluded with the broker.

If the employees of the company have noticed from the client the illegal actions, violations of rules or other suspicious activities, they have the right to block access to the site.